2015 Awards

First prize:

"The Temperature of the City"

"The 990,000th Hug in My Life"

Second prize:

"Ninth Uncle Comments on the New Maple"

 "Mountain City Story Mobile Phone"

 "Coldplay Fireman",

"No Old Town"

Third prize:

"Seventh Uncle"

 "Last Wish"

 "Waiting for Blossom"

"Peach Blossom Ferry"

 "The Gift"

 "I Am a Sniper"

Excellent Works:

"Old Song and Ticket"

"Silly Mother Filial Son"

 "No. 1 Bottle"

 "Taxi Driver"

"The Story of Growing Up Between Me and the Constitution"

 "Rongchang Xiabu Through a Thousand Years"




Best Actress: Shi Min (" The 990,000th Hug in My Life ")

Best Actor : Yang Han-bin, "The New Maple Leaf"

Best Director: Gong Zhengwei, "The Temperature of the City"