2016 Awards

First prize:

"Rebirth", "Chinese Police", "Appointment at that time"

Second prize:

"Zero Dollar for Rent", "Highway 77", "Forever Rose"

"Snow Country", "The Listener", "Taiyuan Mountain"

Third prize:

"A Cup of Promise", "Dragon City Love", "Golden Sand Breeze"

"Grain Imprint", "Fish", "The Most Beautiful Day"

"The Master of the Police", "Home", "Jinxi"


Most Creative: "The Dress"

Most popular award: "Boundless Love"

Best Screenplay: Kada Liu (Highway 77)

Best Director: Lin Ye (Forever Rose)

Best Cinematography: Wang Yong, "Snow Country"

Best Actress: Liu Zizhen (Snow Country)

Best Actor: Wu Song, "Rebirth"