Li Yaoguang
Director, Associate Professor of Cinema.He graduated from the School of Media, Literature and Journalism of Chongqing Normal University, and the School of Drama, Film and Television of Communication University of China. He received his Bachelor of Science (Video Engineering), Master of Arts (Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature) and Doctor of Arts (Radio and Television Arts) degrees respectively, and was a visiting scholar at the National University of Ireland.He has published nearly 20 academic papers, and has presided over and researched 4 research projects of provincial department level and above.Work has won the Chinese government movies "ornamental column", China education TV endeavour award, sichuan TV festival international "gold panda awards", "southwest five province won the first prize in the film and television works", "sichuan won the first prize in the film and television art", "news documentary first prize of sichuan province" and other awards at all levels.

Wang Xiao
Second-level director (deputy senior), working in the science and education program production center of CCTV, graduated from the department of Chinese literature of Nanjing University, majoring in Chinese language and literature, member of China TV artists association, planning and acting as producer.Engaged in radio and television acquisition, editing and broadcasting business for 39 years.Once published a book, published a number of papers.Has won the national award - horse prize first prize.During my career, I served as a producer in the column of CCTV-4 Chinese Literature and Art.

Xu An
Professor, native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, PhD of Beijing Film Academy, visiting scholar of Taiwan University of the Arts.Director of the Department of Choreography, Head of the Master's Program of Film, Supervisor of Postgraduate Students, Member of Academic Committee of the School and Member of Degree Committee of the School.He is a member of China Literary and Art Critics Association, director of the Theory Review Committee of China Film Association, and an external expert of New Media Image Research Center of Beijing Normal University.He has twice won the first prize of academic research of the Film and Television Professional Committee of China Higher Education Association, and the excellent thesis award of the Propaganda Department of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, and the excellent graduation thesis supervisor.

Li Zhi
National first-class director.He studied in Northwest Institute for Nationalities and the Directing Department of Beijing Film Academy.He is a member of China Film Association, China Television Artists Association, China Film Directors Association, etc. He has won the title of the second National Top 100 TV Artists, and has been evaluated by Qinghai Provincial Government and national radio, film and television experts.He has published many papers on drama, film and television.His major films and TV series have been broadcast and collected by national film art research center, film archive, CCTV 1, 4, 6, Shanghai Dragon TV, Qinghai TV, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Netherlands, France film archive and other regional film and television organizations and TV stations.

Sun Yaoguang
Member of Chinese TV artists association, member of Chinese writers association, member of presidium of zhejiang writers association, director of zhejiang folk literature and art association.His TV works won the "Five One Project Award" of Qinghai Province, the "Golden Panda Award" nomination award, and the first prize of the "Shanghai News Award".His works and creative spirit have been highly appraised and affirmed by the cultural and art circles, experts and scholars inside and outside the province.

He is an experienced digital artist who has produced high quality 2D and 3D character animations in a successful career spanning more than 12 years.Octavian is currently a founding member of Fatfox Animation.
He began as an apprentice at Mirari Films in Brasov and quickly rose through the ranks.Some of his notable projects at the production company include work for Cartoon Network Wrestling Alliance (Go Wrestling Alliance, Thunderstruck, King Star King), Comedy Central (Brickleberry), King of Kings, Warner Bros. (WB).Ill).He also worked at Softwin where he animated for an e-learning platform and worked as a freelancer with various animation studios in Romania.
Miracle happened to the Mirary Film Company, which quickly developed.Comics adult networks (Mongo Wrestling League, Thunder, Kings), Comedy Central (Britberry), Disney Channel (Kings vs. Kings), Warner Bros.S becomes bullshit).Freelancer taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Romania and worked as a freelancer in Octavian, a soft culture.