2021 Awards

Best Short Feature film


Best Short Film

Trust Frank ——Penny Moore

Best Producer

Light Blue ——Mariam Hamdy

Best director

The Searching For William ——Saetbyeol Kim

Best Actress

Soft Creatures ——Ivana Skrabalo

Best Actor

Unforgettable ——Junki Tachibana

Best Animated Feature

The Elevated Ground ——Aleksandra Ferentc

Best Film Editing

Torn ——Chris Lambert

Best Visual Award

Like the Northern Ray—— Tetsuya Uesugi

Best Short Documentary

Woman Under the Rain ——Alba Sotorra Clua

Best Experimental Film

RADIX 2——two Leone

Best Student Film

SHU | tree ——Cinthya Franco

Best Newcomer Director

Myrtle——Patricia McCormack

Best screenplay

The Favor ——HENRY Bruno

Best Musical motion Picture

Leisure Machine ——Jim Batt