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   The 2023 Shanghai Film Festival officially opens!
Opening date: February 1, 2023 
Deadline: November 1, 2023
Event date: November 12 ~16, 2023
Zizhi Film Theatre, Tianping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
We are looking for: drama short, documentary short, animated short, music video, commercial, web series, student short, experimental short, etc.We accept any type of film under 60 minutes in length.Non-Chinese films must have English subtitles.Any film that violates morality will be regarded as invalid.
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About us
Shanghai Short Film Festival was founded in 2015.Is an autonomous celebration of cinema with a focus on short films.We recognize entries from around the world and want to celebrate our efforts with filmmakers everywhere. 
The Shanghai Short Film Festival is designed for all artists who are interested in creating and working in the film making industry, as well as for film lovers.The festival prides itself on being informative and lively. 
We set up 5 sections for the film festival, award ceremony, master class, film exhibition, film theme forum, dinner party.Films that are shortlisted for the Shanghai Short Film Festival will have the chance to participate in larger festivals in China. The festival is open to any type of film up to 50 minutes in length. 
Our award-winning filmmakers will receive the recognition they deserve and have a higher success rate on the sometimes grueling festival circuit. Our organization is made up of industry professionals: film producers, independent film consultants, festival organizers, festival programme producers and judges who have been in the business for nearly 20 years and have a passion for independent film.
Our team has evaluated and judged more than 25,000 independent films made by directors and producers just like you do.Many of them are spectacular, and some of them need a bit of tweaking, but they're all magically created by the unwavering spirit of true independent filmmakers. 
The Shanghai Short Film Festival prides itself on providing an opportunity for talented directors, producers, writers, actors and crew members from all over the world to learn and showcase their work together in an exciting international environment.
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Shanghai Film Festival Organizing Committee
Address: Haiwen Business Building, 315 Hefei Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai